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Whether you're an artist, writer, musician, or simply someone yearning to infuse more imagination into your daily life, you've landed in a space designed to ignite your creative flame and set your ideas soaring.

My journey as a creativity coach is fueled by one simple truth: every individual possesses an ocean of untapped creativity within them. I've seen countless hearts light up as they overcome obstacles, find their unique voice, and watch their creative visions come to life. Your creative journey isn't just about producing beautiful pieces; it's about unlocking a wellspring of self-expression, building confidence, and fostering a lifelong love affair with the creative process.


My Creatives

Alison M.

Your Best Look with AM

"Thank you, Andrea, for being the catalyst that transformed my artistry journey!"

"I came to Andrea feeling like I was stuck in a creative rut, desperately seeking a fresh burst of inspiration to elevate my makeup artistry. Little did I know that this coaching journey would be an absolute game-changer! Andrea effortlessly guided me through techniques that not only revitalized my creativity but also ignited a newfound passion within me.

Celebrate with Alison

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Deanna L.

DL Photography

"Andrea's coaching and classes completely changed my business."

"Working with Andrea has been the best thing I've done for my wedding photography business. Her fun and approachable nature made me feel welcome from the moment I found her on TikTok. There have been so many moments to celebrate since starting my time with Andrea and I can't recommend her enough. She will be your hype woman, accountability partner and so much more. If you're on the fence about creativity coach, do it with Andrea."

Celebrate with Alison

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Drew S.

DS Interior Design

"My imposter syndrome went out the window because of Andrea."

"The interior design world is hard to break into, and even though I had a passion, schooling, and experience I wasn't putting myself out there because I knew there were other people more qualified. When I found Andrea I was hardly bringing in any clients and was struggling as a business. After just a few weeks of working together she boosted my confidence and helped me put myself out there so people actually knew I existed. I owe that success to Andrea's creativity coaching.

Celebrate with Drew

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Hey there, fellow adventurers of the artistic realm! I'm thrilled to welcome you to my little corner of the creative universe. Picture this: me, a die-hard beach lover, riding the waves of creativity and soaking up the sun-soaked inspiration. But you know what really fuels my fire? Connecting with kindred spirits like you and guiding you on a journey to discover your own vibrant creative sparks. From sandy shores to spirited gatherings with friends, I've found that inspiration is everywhere, just waiting to be uncovered.

When I'm not chasing sunsets by the sea or catching up with my pals, you'll find me passionately engaged in what I do best—helping creatives like you harness their imagination, overcome creative hurdles, and reignite their passion. As your creative coach, I'm not just here to sprinkle a little magic; I'm here to spark a creative revolution within you. Together, we'll navigate the ebbs and flows of the artistic process, turning moments of doubt into waves of innovation. So, let's ride these waves of creativity, make a splash with friends who share our zest for life, and create a masterpiece out of every precious moment.

Riding Waves of Creativity: Unleashing Inspiration and Making Waves with Friends

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The company of my friends is like a symphony of inspiration and laughter that energizes my creative spirit. Their camaraderie is a canvas of endless possibilities, where we paint memories and share dreams with unbridled enthusiasm.


Venturing into uncharted territory is my playground – where creativity blossoms, where challenges become opportunities, and where I thrive. With a fearless heart and a curious spirit, I'm drawn to adventures that spark growth and ignite the flames of inspiration.


Basking in the company of my daughter and husband is my favorite masterpiece in this beautiful journey of life – their laughter and support fuel my creative fire in the most wonderful ways. Their presence fills every moment with joy and love, reminding me that the best art is the one we create together.

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Unlocking your creativity is like finding the key to a room where the walls are made of endless possibilities and the ceiling is the sky of your imagination.

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Joyful Exploration

My coaching is built on the foundation of empowering you to embrace your unique creativity, fostering the belief that your artistic journey is an unstoppable force waiting to be set free.

 I cherish the authenticity in every brushstroke, word, and melody. I'm here to guide you in honoring your creative voice, ensuring that your art is an honest reflection of who you are.

Together, we'll journey into uncharted creative territories with a spirit of playfulness and curiosity. I'm dedicated to making your creative process an exciting and joyful adventure, where every step is a discovery and every challenge is a chance to shine.

My Values

With a splash of playfulness and a dash of daring, we'll embark on a journey that's all about sparking ideas, embracing mistakes, and rediscovering the joy of unbridled self-expression.

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With a sprinkle of playfulness and a dash of inspiration, we'll dive headfirst into the sea of imagination, unleashing a tidal wave of brilliance that you never knew existed.


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Go out on a limb - that's where the fruit is. Use what happens naturally, don't fight it. See there, told you that would be easy. Any little thing can be your friend if you let it be. All kinds of happy little splashes.


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